• Shootout vs Williams Lake Oct 4th 2015
  • 3 Camera Angles
  • Short Highlight Reel
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Welcome to the Rampage

Video Gallery

We are especially excited to be posting videos here this season , as a Prince Rupert hockey broadcast legend - Mr. Mike Sidhu - has returned to Prince Rupert to bring back professional play-by-play coverage of the Rampage games along with the rest of The Sidhu Network (TSN) crew. Please join him, along with another Rupert legend - Kevin Movold - doing colour commentary - and cameraman Phil Cornwall, as we post more videos here and look forward to broadcasting live, yes - live on Citywest Cable 10.


Notes From The Sidhu Network

So far, we've got just one short highlight reel from this season posted here - a great shootout goal scored by Mike Coolin on Saturday, October 4th vs The Williams Lake Stampeders. We will be posting more videos from this season's games as we get them edited.


We have been organizing the video coverage of the Rampage hockey season since July of this year, when we met with the program manager for Citywest, who asked us how we felt about volunteering to do the games for them. They not only wanted the games recorded for replay on community channel 10, but they were also very interested in having the games broadcast live. We were super-stoked when we heard this! Games haven't been broadcast live from the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre Arena since the "good ol' days" when Mike ran the show by himself and broadcast rec league games. Those broadcasts have become classics that are remembered very well by a lot of people.

We are still in communication with Citywest, trying to make this a reality. For now, they have been kind enough to let us use their camera equipment to record the games for later broadcast. So far this season, we've covered all of the home games, and there's always a possibility that we may be able to go on the road to cover some out of town games as well. Remember that it does take time to get the game videos and the highlight reels edited and posted to the web, so stay tuned, and be patient. It's a lot of work and it's being done on an entirely volunteer basis.

We'd really like to thank Devin Wall very much for all of his help and generous loan of the cameras and tripods. Let's get it live Devin!

As I mentioned, it's great to have Mike back in the lineup for this season. Even though the shootout clip above is very short, you can easily tell that Mike is in "Top Form" and more than ever has the professional demeanour to make the play-by-play shine. Welcome back Mike!